"I get what you're trying to do here... what you're trying to build. I'm not saying I agree with your methods, but I get it. You're building a network, and you're making people contribute to the greater good. Makes sense. But you should know that Rick Grimes has a history of not working well with others. (...) Rick wasn't the original leader here.... My mom was. She was doing a really good job of it. And then she died, not long after Rick showed up. Same with my brother, same with my dad. (...) His ego is out of control. He'll find a way to screw things up, trying to do things his way. Trying to take over. That's what he did with my mom, that's what he'll do again. (...) I am my mother's son. I can be the leader she was... That's what this place needs... That's what you need." —Spencer