Google Browser API Key

To use this plugin you must follow the guidelines set forth by Google. Google owns YouTube® and hosts YouTube® ’s API. To do this you must have a Google account.

If you have already created a project and followed the steps to create a server key, then skip to step 5.

To get your API Key follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Google.
  2. Go to the APIs console here:
  3. Click the “Create a project” link. Or use a project you’ve already created.
  4. Fill out the “Project Name” field and click the “Create” button.
    It may take Google a minute to create your project.
  5. Once your project has been created, click on the “Library” tab on the left-hand side.
  6. Type “maps javascript” into the search box.
  7. Find the “Maps JavaScript API” and click it:
  8. Click to enable the API.
  9. Navigate to the “Credentials” tab.
  10. Click the “New Credentials” button and select API Key.
  11. Click the “Restrict Key” button.
  12. Select “HTTP referrers” and fill in your domain name.

    Please note: Use wildcards to ensure the key can be used on all subdomains and directories.
  13. Copy and paste this key into the plugin’s settings. Make sure to save!