Display Settings

Use a word other than “Members” on the front-end

This plugin determines what word will be used when displaying the directory to anyone using your site. Perhaps it could be “users” or “subscribers.”

Color Picker

This setting determines what color will be used in various parts of the list that require color. You can tailor this color to match your theme.

Use this plugin’s author page

This is an important setting. Many themes do not include an author page. Those that do often display a 404 error page as a common practice when a user had created no posts to display. When set to “yes” this setting overrides your theme’s author page (or lack thereof) and displays the information you specify to be shown in the following settings.

Which fields would you like to display on your author pages

You can select all the information you’d like displayed on an individual user’s page. This setting only matters if you’ve selected “yes” to the setting “Use this plugin’s author page.” Use the plus button to add additional fields.

Display author’s posts on author page

Set this to “yes” if you’d like a list of posts published by the user to be displayed on his/her author page.

Turn of plugin CSS

Set this to “yes” if you’d like your theme to take over styling of the member list mark-up. This will ensure none of our styling will conflict with your theme.