Editing List Users

You can add and remove users from a list at any time. You can edit the list by visiting the Edit List Users page.

There are two ways to get to editing a list’s users.

  1. Click the “Edit Users” button in the row of a list you’ve created.
  2. Visit the “Edit List Users” page of the plugin and select a list from the dropdown.

Now you’ll see a list of users.

You can remove a user from your list with the minus in the actions column.

You can search through all the users no in a list using the “Users not in list” link.

You can add a user to a list with the plus sign in the actions column.

You can also add or remove using the bulk actions dropdown.

  1. Click the checkbox in the row you’d like to add or remove.
  2. Select “Remove from List” or “Add to List.”