Display Settings

Display video meta

This option will display or hide the video post meta such as the author and post date when viewing your video post.

Here’s an example of what video meta looks like:

Do you want to add the WordPress® “More” tag to your video descriptions?

If yes, the more tag will be added so that the whole video description isn’t displayed in your post loops.

Number of words before WordPress® ’ “More” tag

If you decide to add the “More” tag to your video descriptions this setting allows you to choose how many words you want displayed in your post loops before the more tag is displayed.

Place video after description

If yes, the video in each post will be programmatically added after the description.

Display videos in post lists

If you’d like you can have your videos displayed on your category pages or any page using the WordPress® loop. Select “yes” if you’d like the videos displayed on these pages as well.