Like anything else this plugin has limitations. You should be aware of some of the limitations.

  1. Vimeo® has rate limits. You can read about them here:
  2. If you import from too many channels there could be implications for your server. Your server could potentially crash or run out of memory. Please be careful when attempting to import from more than a single channel. Also, your import could terminate the script before it can complete.
  3. This plugin only imports from Vimeo® . Please be aware it does not import from other video based sites.
  4. This plugin does not interface with other plugins. If you’re already running a video blog and your theme requires video information or thumbnail information to be placed in specific meta fields you’ll need to find a way to make that happen yourself. This plugin has it’s own methods and meta fields.
  5. This plugin does not style your video post lists for you. In fact, one of the main ideas behind the plugin is to keep from interrupting your theme. If you want your video post lists styled the like they are on this site or another site you’ll have to create that styling yourself or commission someone to do it.