Puck Culture Episode 9: Eric Young joins Jackie Redmond and Mike Johnson

January 10, 2020

Jackie Redmond is joined by co-host Mike Johnson. She reveals what her lofty New Year’s resolution is, and he shares a story of an encounter he had with James Gandolfini on an airplane. They chat about the Winter Classic, have thoughts on the Dallas Stars jerseys, and reminisce about some of the worst NHL jerseys of all-time. Mike tries to figure out why the Predators haven’t played well and wonders if it’s time for a coaching change. They are joined by professional wrestler and Nashville Predators fan Eric Young. Eric explains what he would do to turn Nashville’s season around and tell us what NHL player he’d love to see in the wrestling ring. Jackie puts Eric on the spot and he delivers in a big-time way (30:40). Jackie and Mike discuss the Binnington vs. Bieber shootout challenge and Mike tells everyone what has to happen for Bieber to slip one past Binnington (41:00). They finish the show by sharing their top celebrity crushes.

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